We know you do not always have time to indulge in the pleasures you crave. It could be business, a very tight schedule, or an unforeseen circumstance. Not to worry, we have got you covered. Our state of the art application for IOS and Android can be gotten for a small token at the respective stores.

In our mobile app, you will be able to immerse yourself into our art trail like never before. With 3D imaging, and the use of virtual reality, you can now have an experience like you are physically in our art trail.

We have more than fifteen galleries you can choose from on your phone and the app gives you a simulated tour of more than twenty artist-hosted exhibitions in our community. There are photographs, audio files, and a mapping system which leads you along the way.

Each art piece appraised has an intimate connection with the various artist hosted and tries to imbibe the serene atmosphere of our community. You can also interact with other users on the mobile app and exchange thought about the numerous art works we have put in place for you.

The application can accept more than one theme or tour, making it simple for users to discover and choose a guide that is more suited to their cravings whether it is a public exhibition, a private showroom, an auction house, or to bask in the natural ambience of our nature park trails.

We encourage you to purchase the app, as 10% of the profits made will be used towards discovering talented young talented kid artist from Africa. We also promise to make frequent updates to satisfy your needs and solve any current bug issues you may be having. So come along and have the best fun of your life!