Welcome to wonder. We are an arts trail seeking to redefine the world of artistic beauty. We have sworn to make you forget about all your worries by delighting you with our picturesque landscape, quiet environment, good food, wine tasting sessions, and most of all – the love of scintillating art.

We partner with artists within the locale and beyond to bring out their best works which can be admired and evaluated by the arts community. We also partner with other institutions in order to become a driving forcing behind our exciting and enthusiastic community of artists who dedicate their life to their work with the hope of creating a masterpiece that will enchant you, our guest.

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We give budding enthusiasts and cognoscenti in the “art of appreciating art” the opportunity of a lifetime to critique the plethora of works skillfully made by The hands of our village artists and to buy these artworks from them. Most of our exhibitions are done in designated venues across the trail, but there are quite a few which takes place in the homes of the individual artist.

We showcase these works and use most of the profits for the support of the artists in our community while the rest of the funds are used to develop the community and also used to support charities around the globe which are close to our heart. Our exhibition involves artists from all works of artistic life including artisans skilled in the art of wood burning, batik making, photographic illusion, still-life jewelry, and much more.

In fact, we encourage punters to take advantage of MrGreen free spins and to put winnings back into the community. Supporting these charities has been proven to improve morale and engagement.

We are located twenty miles away from the central bubbling city to give you that peace and serenity to forget about your life’s troubles and we are proud to draw in thousands of guests annually for our event. We also offer seminars, workshops, and art lessons for those interested in advancing their art.


If you have any questions or enquiries, or you would like to register a complaint about the navigability of the site, please help us by using the contact forms. For artists who would like to register with our community, the application forms are always available on site and it is free. If you are having difficulty accessing the forms, you can contact us through, and we would be surely delighted to get back to you immediately.

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